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Speed2Succeed has been founded on the belief that every barrel racer, whether professional or just beginning, should be given the same encouragement, opportunities and standards. We are all about making people’s dreams become reality!

One of our main goals is to give back to our competitors. Whether this is in prize money, opportunities, prizes, or simply friendship; our aim is to put our competitors first.

Running a professional event is another priority on our list. Good ground, safe venues, friendly officials, great amenities, tasty food and a smooth running barrel race, are all aspects of our series that we are aiming for. Speed 2Succeed has joined forces with some of the top promoters, competitors and trainers in the US to make sure our events are of the high standard as seen in the States.

Of course the opportunity to qualify and compete at the Mega Barrel Race in Jackson, Mississippi, USA is huge, and you can be sure we intend to support our representatives all the way. If you have never been to the States before, we can tell you it is truly an amazing place; a horse lovers dream. Well worth chasing the ‘Makin’ it Mega’ series for!

All in all, our heart is that our competitors will have fun. Barrel Racing is a fast paced, adrenaline pumping sport, that can be quiet stressful at times. That’s why it is our aim to provide professional, high standard events, that at the same time are relaxed, fun and welcoming.

Membership to Speed2Succeed is $10 for Open and $5 for Junior Membersips, and to member up only takes a few minutes to fill out a form. S2S is proud to be affiliated with the Australian Barrel Horse Association and we have provided a page for you to find out more about them. Just click on any of our pages on the left hand side for more information about Speed2Succeed.

We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to barrel racing with you in the future.

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