Little Drummers Club

Little Drummers has been created by Speed2Succeed so that boys and girls under the age of 10 yrs old can have their own barrel racing club. Our children are the future of our sport and we want them to feel just as involved with S2S as their mums and dads do. The 2 ladies running S2S, Sheree and Sue, are all mums and know what it is like competing with young children. So if they can make the events fun and exciting for our budding little barrel racers, then mum’s will have a more relaxing weekend too. It is our intention to hold competitions, fun events and children’s games during the year to keep the little ones entertained and interested.

Horses in a growing child’s life can teach responsibility, life lessons and bring them into contact with not only career opportunities but life long friends. It is a very wholesome, rewarding lifestyle, one that Speed2Succeed highly recommends.

Children need to member up to Little Drummers club, which is free. They will then be eligible to enter our Facebook competitions. At the events we will have prizes for our lead riders as well as those going it alone around the drums. Their will be encouragement awards and age appropriate games at the events. We will also be encouraging some of our junior members to help the little ones during the day. All in all, we want to make our Little Drummers feel special, give encouragement and reward where it is due, and help them plan dreams and goals for their futures.

So, to all our Little Drummers..........WELCOME!

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