G'day Mate, Aloha, Guten Tag, Howdy Y'all...

Barrel racing is a universal sport and with that being said, its a NEW YEAR, meaning a whole new season of chasing your dreams!!

Whether it be to win a local jackpot or a National dream is too big or small not to chase!! Speed2Succeed Barrel Racing Productions 'Makin It Mega' series, is a perfect dream for barrel enthusiasts of all levels; from beginners to advanced!!

Having the opportunity to compete in the US doesn't always come easily; especially on the other side of the world. Trust me, after living in America for almost four years now and working in the industry, The Mega Barrel Race, held in Jackson Mississippi, is a title sort after by everyone, from beginners to World Champions. That's right, I guarantee you you'll run in to someone you have idolized throughout your own career!!

So make sure you make it YOUR GOAL this year to join S2S and catch those dreams that are only a few FUN barrel races away!! No matter what, at the end of the day, S2S weekends are fun and exciting and you'll make lifelong friends!!

Plus I'll let you in on a little secret...S2S may just have some special guests this year all the way from America!! Trust me, you don't want to miss this!!!

I look forward to following all the events this year, might just see you at one mid year, and can't wait to cheer on our Australian representatives at The Mega!!!

Good luck!!


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