Tip #9

You are never too old to Rock n Roll!!!!

Be inspired by this 53 yr old cowgirl competing at the NFR for the first time. Mary joined the WPRA in 1983 and in 2012 she has seen her dreams fulfilled.

So never give up and never think you are too old!!!

Tip #8

Always make sure your problems never get bigger than your dreams.

Even if our dreams look to be fading and becoming dark, you will be surprized when another door opens and lets the light back in :)

Tip #7

With all our wonderful sponsors coming on board, it's important to remember in life to say thank you to someone that has done you a favor.

The 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' motto, goes a long way in our industry.

So don't be shy to say hello and thank our sponsors when you see them, I know they will really appreciate it. :)

Tip #6

In our sport we race against the clock, where one thousandth of a second can mean no pay cheque................ always be thinking 'where can I make up a tenth of a second?'

Sometimes this doesn't mean riding harder and cutting corners...... but could mean going back to basics.

Tip #5

Never underestimate the barrel racing industry. I have personally met men and women who have made a lot of money through the rewarding career of barrel racing.

It is our belief that with careful planning, dedicated people and a passion to achieve success, that we will see barrel racing explode across Australia ..............

Let's make this happen!
More barrel racers= more events= more promoters= more sponsors= more prize money= more business for the people working in the equine industry.


Tip #4

Always be true to your own heart, personality, taste and decisions.

You are unique, a one off original, be proud of who you are.

Tip #3

Start setting goals for 2013 now.

Success is about being prepared and preparation works best when it is not rushed at the last minute.

Set short term and long term goals, write them down and put them where you can see them to be inspired. :)

Bring on 2013!!!

Tip #2

Never underestimate what can happen while chasing white lines on the road.

I have laughed till I've cried, solved the problems of the world and had many a councilling session while hauling with my friends.

Tip #1

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